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Virtual/Live Effective 
Communication Group Training

Group Meeting

This is a 60-90 minute session that promotes good leadership and overall communication skills that drive change in teams and organizations.
Effective communication is vital in maintaining good relationships in the workplace by increasing employee engagement, encouraging a more productive and skillful workforce, building trust in the organization and leadership, preventing misunderstandings, and building a safe place for people to think creatively and speak freely.
This session also introduces communication strategies that help reduce employee turnover. 

Public Speaking Workshops

Crowd Applausing

We offer a 3-day hands-on speaker training session to those who have the desire to impact others, connect with their peers, hone their leadership skills, and build confidence. 
We provide tools, techniques, strategies, and guidance for those who desire to start their speaking journey and those who'd like to brush up on their speaking and effective communication skills.
We do understand, that the fear of public speaking is real, so we’re here to walk you through the steps so you can face your fears and turn self-doubt into self-confidence.    


"As a former Toastmasters Club President, having participated in similar workshops throughout the years, I will submit that Jacqui's execution of public speaking materials and exercises is a class-leading experience.  Jacqui has a natural, innate ability to communicate speaking concepts in a very digestible way such that by sessions end covered materials are both usable and memorable.  I really appreciated that Jacqui encouraged two-way communication throughout the workshop along with offering interactive exercises to keep the experience lively.  "Speak With Greatest" should be seriously considered by anyone interested in speaking excellence."  ~ Geary B.


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