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Effective Communication = Connecting and Listening
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Although we live in a tech-savvy world, texting to communicate your presentation ideas in a business environment is most times, not an option. There will be numerous occasions where face-to-face interaction is necessary. 


​Business cultures are highly influenced by effective communication skills. Not only does communicating efficiently and effectively improve customer, client, and stakeholder loyalty, but it’s a lifelong skill that will boost workplace morale and cultivate excellent team performance and dynamics which often determines the outcome of your company's success. 

The ability to communicate with clarity is one key differentiator in the workplace. Creating a culture of open and honest communication in the workplace means connecting and knowing how to build and maintain relationships with your colleagues. Those relationships allow people to fully engage in active listening, feel open to presenting their ideas, gain the ability to resolve conflict, and show appreciation for others.


Effective communication helps organizations contribute to the company vision and broaden the feeling of inclusion. We believe that communicating well moves yourself and your business to another level, heightens your skills and helps with career advancement. These soft skills inevitably spill over to other areas of our lives and help to overcome the fear and insecurities we face in our everyday social interactions and personal relationships. 


JNS provides individual and group, live, and virtual sessions to focus on your specific communication needs through training, coaching, mastermind sessions, lunch and learns, and seminars. We will partner with you to customize a program for your team based on your listeners' roles, responsibilities, and their goals. You will be equipped with the tools needed to overcome your fears, create an amazing message, master your presentation and speaking skills, and grow as a resourceful and successful leader.   

"Fantastic workshop! Jacqui worked with my staff and they now realize the importance of leadership, accountability, and self-motivation when it comes to being a team. Her message was very clear, insightful, and engaging, not to mention humorous. She not only educated us but motivated us to become a better, stronger, team-playing group of creatives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   ~ Theodore F., TBE  Entertainment

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