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Develop yourself as an effective communicator, leader, and presenter in front of an audience of your peers.  Learn to speak with clarity, confidence, presence, and power.

"I have been conducting workshops for years and I always thought I was a pretty good public speaker. After taking Jacqui's masterclass the skills I learned pushed my speaking to another level! What an awesome six weeks!"  ~ Velma M. 

Working with many diverse audiences, we've found that effective communication is a skill that carries its' own weight and serves to be a vital asset in any career. One of the most desirable skills employers seek in candidates today is the ability to communicate effectively in front of an audience of their peers. 

Effective communication creates a healthy workplace culture where there are fewer misunderstandings, stronger teamwork in a non-threatening environment, increased employee self-esteem and satisfaction, and the ability to give clear direction. 

Benefits Of Working With Us


  • Work together to clarify and achieve your business and personal communication goals.

  • Provide an honest and impartial eye.

  • Hold you accountable for reaching your desired goal.

  • Support you in keeping your commitment to yourself.

  • Guide you toward releasing mental blocks so you can experience your strengths. 

  • Help you foster a speakers mindset, and work through your fears.

  • Assist you in being the very best you can be.

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